How Brokers Reimagined Their Firms in 2017

December 29, 2017

Judging by our top trending broker-centric stories this year, owners and managers of real estate companies are looking for ways they can best support their agents and work more efficiently. From helping agents succeed long-term to making technology an asset rather than a distraction, these five Broker to Broker articles are a sign of the times where brokers are looking to do better and be better in their business and in relationships.

7 Things Agents Should Do After a Closing
As one reader comments, the client follow-up guidance in this article is “absolutely rock-solid, sound advice.” Use these tips to teach your agents how to go above and beyond for customers after the deal is done to increase repeat business, gain referrals, and make a friend for life.

Ditching Digital Distractions
Many people are feeling the burden of being overconnected, which is perhaps why this article struck a chord with so many readers. If your smartphone is distracting you too much, it’s time to set healthy digital boundaries. Try these seven simple changes to your daily phone habits.

The Craziest Negotiations and Contingencies
Sometimes, client requests can make you laugh, cry, or leave you feeling confused. Get inspiration for how to respond to customer queries from these humorous, heartbreaking, and peculiar real-life stories about working with buyers and sellers.

Why Do New Sales Associates Fail?
Many newly licensed agents aren’t prepared for the realities of a career in real estate and end up struggling to make it through their first year. These nine insights will help brokers and team leaders guide rookies toward a path of business growth.

Best Technology for Your Brokerage in 2017
This article features seven products and trends to help broker-owners stay at the forefront of technology and set their company apart from the competition. Despite the 2017 angle, the content here is far from stale. See if there’s a tool here that you can employ in your business for 2018.

—REALTOR® Magazine