Smart-Home Tech: The Perfect Closing Gift?

January 5, 2018

Consumers say that they are most often introduced to smart-home technology by receiving it as a gift, according to a survey of more than 600 U.S. homeowners conducted by Scripps Networks Interactive. And once they own it, they love it. They say they like smart-home tech to be “camouflaged” into the background so it’s essentially forgotten but can help with family tasks or add an element of fun when called upon, according to the survey.

Nearly three quarters of respondents surveyed said they love having the latest and best technology in the home. Also, 93 percent of respondents said the added peace of mind was the primary benefit of incorporating tech into their home. Nearly 85 percent of respondents say they use smart-home technology for fun and for personal tasks. More than three-quarters even say that home tech helps them to be a better parent.

Researchers found that the three life events that trigger smart-home tech purchases are renovating a current home, moving into a new home, and receiving an increase in household income.

Smart-home companies are targeting the kitchen for more connected gadgets, from smart appliances to voice assistants. The smart-home technologies topping the list for respondents include small kitchen appliances, automated cleaning devices, and voice-operated devices.

Source: Under One Roof/Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.