Win More Followers Online in Just 3 Minutes

January 9, 2018

Are you looking to increase your network online? Jayson DeMers, a columnist for, highlights several simple ways to earn new followers in three minutes or less, including: 

Follow someone else. You can easily gain a follower in many cases by just reaching out to someone else and following or commenting on one of their posts. Just make sure you find people who you genuinely have a connection with so it doesn’t appear you’re spamming them, DeMers cautions. 

Join a conversation. If you see a group of people talking about a topic that interests you, jump in and offer up your perspective or answer the person’s question. Even better, respond to a high-profile user who has thousands of followers. They’ll often post questions, and you can respond to gain even more followers if your answer makes a strong impression with others. 

Jump on a trending hashtag. “Take a look at some of the global trending hashtags, and see if you can incorporate one of them into your post,” DeMers writes. “Make sure you understand the significance and intent of each hashtag, and only include it in one of your posts if it’s appropriate to do so.” 

Take a picture that can be shared. Images tend to perform strongly on social media, DeMers says. Take a picture that can be shared that is either entertaining or informative. You could even turn it into a contest—whoever shares the picture the most wins a prize.

Ask your followers a question. Pose a question to your network and ask for their opinions or preferences. This is one of the “best ways to generate lots of interaction, which will make your brand more visible to each of their followers in turn,” DeMers notes. 

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Source: “10 Ways to Earn More Followers in 3 Minutes Or Less,” (Jan. 8, 2018)