4 Ways Brokerages Can Be More Client-Centric

January 16, 2018

While building a client-centric culture at your real estate company sounds ideal, efforts often flounder beyond sophisticated marketing campaigns, says Sallie Sherman, co-author of Five Keys to Powerful Business Relationships and founder and CEO of S4 Consulting.

“Customer-centric companies understand that being customer-centric is a detailed performance game,” Sherman says. “They align every part of the company around their customers’ needs and expectations. They view their customers as valuable and build the business around them.”

If retaining customers and increasing your referral business is a goal for your brand this year, Sherman shares four tips for your business to be more client-centric.

Put the customer front and center. Start by reminding your agents and team members that they need to thoroughly understand customers’ needs and expectations. Communicate these messages in trainings, sales meetings, and one-on-one interactions. Then build and implement processes throughout your company to ensure that everyone is meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations, Sherman says. “This sets customer-centered standards and ensures the customers’ needs and expectations are being met,” she adds.

Build relationships. Make sure customers feel appreciated after the initial interaction, Sherman says. This means tailoring your communication style to their preferences. Some clients might appreciate automated listing emails, but others might see it as spam. Some might like regular text messages and others just want to talk over the phone. “Rather than bombard them with endless advertisements and marketing, build a meaningful, ongoing relationship with them,” Sherman says. “Strive to communicate with them the way they want so you can provide information that meets customers’ expectations.”

Don’t be afraid to be different. Flexibility is the key to a great customer experience, Sherman says. Whether it is free staging or concierge-style assistance, find a creative way to take good treatment of customers to a higher level.

Take care of your team. Yes, customers come first, but without good, dependable agents and staff who believe in the work culture, there is no link to bring in the business, Sherman says. Recognize and reward the efforts of your team and empower them to grow your company, she suggests.

Source: S4consulting.com