NAR Restructures to Improve Member Service

January 16, 2018

The National Association of REALTORS® has announced a new internal organizational structure, which CEO Bob Goldberg says will make the association more efficient and help it more effectively serve its 1.3 million members.

“This reorganization reflects the promise I made when I was named CEO last August to create better efficiencies in engaging with and serving the association’s members,” Goldberg says. “This restructuring to the internal organization is the most sweeping change in the association’s history, and I’m confident it will drive greater innovation, put more focus on member engagement and satisfaction, achieve a more holistic communications and marketing strategy, and improve the association’s nimbleness and decision-making.”

The new structure consists of 10 reorganized areas across NAR’s two offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C. 

The new NAR organizational changes are:

  •  NAR’s Government Affairs and Community and Political Affairs areas are merged into a new Political Advocacy group. The new group will be led by Chief Advocacy Officer and Senior Vice President Bill Malkasian, who will seek to bring greater synergy to the association’s federal, state, and local advocacy efforts.
  • A newly formed Member Experience group will focus on ensuring REALTOR® associations and members are highly engaged and satisfied with the association and its offerings. NAR General Counsel and Senior Vice President Katherine Johnson will lead this area, which encompasses all functions related to legal, information services, association leadership development, and association and MLS governance.
  • Communications, Marketing, and Meetings/Events are merged into one group, Marketing, Communications and Events. The group will seek to enhance the way NAR communicates to its members, ensuring consistency, continuity, rapid response, and accuracy in branding, designing, and messaging. Senior Vice President Matt Lombardi will lead the group.
  • A new Strategic Business Innovation & Technology group will aim to drive industry innovation and bring benefits to members through strategic relationships with several business and technology companies. Senior Vice President Mark Birschbach will oversee NAR’s Realtor Benefits® Program, Center for REALTOR® Technology, Second Century Ventures, REach accelerator, top-level domains, and the relationship with Move Inc., operator of®.
  • Commercial and Global services will continue to focus on delivering service and value to members working in the global and commercial arenas and creating and building partnerships with real estate professionals and organizations worldwide. Senior Vice President Janet Branton will continue to lead the group.  
  • A newly formed Member Development group will seek to drive an integrated education strategy for REALTORS®. Senior Vice President Marc Gould will continue to serve as dean of student services for REALTOR® University and oversee NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Development, Leadership Academy, and the Commitment to Excellence and member financial wellness programs currently in development.
  • The Marketing Research and Predictive Analytics teams will be merged into NAR’s Research group to centralize research and data collection and analysis. The group will be led by Chief Economist and Senior Vice President Lawrence Yun.
  • Human Resources and employee engagement remains under the oversight of Senior Vice President Donna Gland.
  • NAR’s enterprise technology infrastructure and staff-facing Information Technology services, security, and support will remain under the leadership of Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President Mark Lesswing. The group will also represent NAR on several technical industry standards organizations.
  • The association’s Finance group, which oversees budgets, financial analysis, and real estate management will continue to be led by Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President John Pierpoint. The group will head a new centralized procurement area to maximize efficiency.

A new Leadership Resources team, led by Director Erin Campo, will serve as contacts for key NAR leadership groups and the staff’s chief administrators, ensuring coordination among all groups.

“Redefining the staffing structure is an important step toward making sure our members continue to come first,” says NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall. “I believe this new NAR will help bring us greater success in achieving the association’s strategic priorities in 2018 and beyond.”

Source: National Association of REALTORS®