5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Readership

February 1, 2018

You have a blog for your real estate business, but you want more visitors. Sure, you may share each post across your social media profiles, but what if that is still not generating the type of traffic that makes blogging worth your time? Blogging can be a great way to connect with prospects on real estate matters, but it’s only effective if you have a readership.

Jayson DeMers, a columnist for Forbes.com, offers some of the following ideas for increasing your blog traffic:

1. Offer up shareable snippets. Highlight hard statistics or specific phrases that carry the most weight in your post. Point them out by making them bold or even pulling them out of the main body of your text. You can also include a standalone share button beside them, encouraging visitors to share the information with their network.

2. Link to influencers. Include links to work by prominent influencers in your industry. “This will strengthen the authority of your piece, and may even get your work noticed by these influencers, since many use tools that automatically detect mentions of their names, company names, or links to their company websites,” DeMers notes.

3. Include images and video. Articles that have a featured image for every 100 words receive more than double the social media shares than articles with fewer images. Images and videos can also make your content more discoverable in search engines due to image search optimization, DeMers writes.

4. Take the time for social bookmarking. Consider submitting your blog post to social bookmarking sites such as Reddit or StumbleUpon. Note: Article submissions that are self-promotional will be denied. Reserve only your best content for sharing on these sites.

5. Target the influencers. “If an influencer in your industry decides to share your post with their followers, it could give an instant boost to your brand,” DeMers writes. “Consider reaching out to a specific influencer who has a vested interest in your work (or one whose work you cited), and tell them about the piece.”

Get more ideas to increase your blog traffic at Forbes.com.

Source: “10 Simple Ways to Increase a Blog Post’s ROI,” Forbes.com (Jan. 25, 2018)