Why You Should End Emails With a ‘P.S.’

February 5, 2018

An estimated 132 billion business emails are sent each day, according to a report from technology research firm The Radicati Group Inc. But the email signature—like a postscript (or P.S.) on a handwritten note—is underused, Ivan Misner, author of Networking Like a Pro and founder of Business Network International, told Forbes.com. “Adding a ‘P.S.’ to your signature line gives you an extra space to include an important message that will help you land more business,” Misner says. “I’m shocked more people don’t do this.”

Misner references how one motivational speaker uses the postscript in every email and has credited it with landing some extra business. The speaker includes a simple, direct message at the bottom of each email: “P.S. If you know anyone who needs an event speaker in the areas of marketing, mindset, and personal achievement, I’d appreciate it if you would mention my name. Thanks!”

Misner says email postscripts work because they can help you display a message that wouldn’t come up naturally in your emails, they allow you to add something funny or unique to be more memorable, and it’s a place to put a call to action along with a URL.

Misner recommends businesses change up their postscript message every two or three months to keep messaging fresh and ensure consumers keep paying attention to it.

Source: “Is there a Networking Opportunity in Your Email Signature?” Forbes.com (Feb. 1, 2018)