Homeowner Shot After Threatening Contractor

February 8, 2018

Police deputies in Laguna Woods, Calif., killed a 65-year-old man after he threatened to shoot a contractor when he learned that the renovation plans on his home were over budget. Paul Mono was shot by sheriff deputies on Tuesday and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Real estate professional Jennifer Heflin with Laguna Premier Realty sold Mono and his wife the home about five months ago in the gated senior community of Laguna Woods. She told reporters that she visited Mono on Monday, and he was upset about his home’s remodeling project. Heflin says he showed her his gun and ammunition and allegedly told her that he wanted to shoot his contractor.

However, Heflin told CBS2 that she did not feel the threat was real, and she returned to the home on Tuesday to deliver Mono blueprints and receipts that he needed for the renovation of his home. Mono’s contractor, Dennis Metzler, did not go inside the home and instead sat in a car near the home. He stayed on the phone with Heflin as she entered.

“I had my phone on, because Dennis asked me to keep it on, because he was worried about me,” Heflin told CBS2. “He had threatened Dennis, and he was worried about me going in. I walked in hoping I could calm him down.” 

But Heflin claims Mono became upset when he learned the remodeling project was over budget. She says he punched his TV.

Heflin says she was outside the front door with his wife looking at something when Paul came to the door swinging his gun. 

"We both asked him calmly to put the gun away," Heflin says. "For some reason, I was not afraid. My thought was he was messing around. His wife and I both asked him to put his gun away, which he did." 

Police responded to the scene after reports from neighbors of a commotion. Heflin had already left by the time police arrived.

While police were on the scene, neighbors reported hearing five or six shots fired inside the house. No police were injured. Mono died at the hospital.

Source: “Armed Laguna Woods Man Upset Over Remodel Dies After Being Shot By Deputies,” CBS Los Angeles (Feb. 7, 2018)