Man Pleads Guilty to Hiding Arizona Agent’s Body

February 21, 2018

A handyman and co-defendant to a murder suspect pleaded guilty to hiding the body of a real estate agent who disappeared two years ago after showing a property in a remote area outside Kingman, Ariz.

William Glen Sanders, 55, pleaded guilty on Friday to concealing a dead body, entering his plea in Mohave County Superior Court. He will be sentenced after the trial of his handyman coworker Alfredo Gerardo Blanco, who faces first-degree murder charges in the death of the real estate agent. Blanco’s trial is set for May.

Real estate agent Sidney Cranston Jr., 40, was last seen on June 16, 2015. He was showing a property to an unknown client and was later reported missing.

Cranston’s remains were not discovered until Jan. 7, 2017. His body was found buried on a remote property east of Kingman. A medical examiner ruled his death a homicide and reported that Cranston died of a single gunshot wound.

Sanders and Blanco allegedly worked for Cranston as a handyman. Blanco also helped to manage some rental properties for Cranston. Sanders had offered to help in the search for Cranston after he had been reported missing.

Sanders has agreed to testify against Blanco at his trial. Sanders’ plea agreement will be withdrawn if he decides not to testify, Deputy Mohave County Attorney Bob Moon says.

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