The Power of Flowers in Your Listings

February 23, 2018

Forty-eight percent of the country has recently been covered in snow, according to the National Weather Service. If the cloudy skies and muted winter landscape have your listing looking ho-hum, try some greenery to get potential buyers thinking about spring.

According to a Harvard University study, seeing flowers first thing in the morning provides people with a boost of energy. Flowers can be used as a design tool to inspire emotion and connect people to the room or environment they’re in. What’s more, according to a Rutgers behavioral study, flowers are linked to life satisfaction, having an immediate impact on happiness and long-term positive moods by lowering anxiety and depression.

For inspiration on how to use flowers in your listings, Kelli Ellis, a founding partner of Design Campus and star of Design Therapy on the Design Network, and Mark Woodman, a designer and president of the Color Marketing Group, a nonprofit association that studies color trends, have created a “Two Minute Trends” video series. Here are three tips from the pair on design and color choices.

  1. Flowers are a conversation starter and create a warm, approachable atmosphere. Place a centerpiece or bouquet near your open house sign-in table to get visitors talking and send a positive message.
  2. Woodman says that bright, citrus colors and greenery in floral arrangements offer energizing power for open house guests and buyers on a showing tour. The foyer, living room, and dining room are ideal locations for these brighter colors.
  3. Flowers also soothe negative emotions and invoke tranquility. They can help make a bedroom look like a retreat, or create a spa-like atmosphere. Pale lavender and blue-violet tones help reduce stress and bring a calm atmosphere to the room.

Source: “The Power of Flowers for Emotional Health,” Feb. 20, 2018, Michele Lerner,