4 Tips for Keeping Properties Safe

February 28, 2018

Whether you work in a rental division in your real estate business or property management is your main bread and butter, you know how important security is to your tenants and investors. According to Ooma, a DIY home security company, renters are 85 percent more likely to be burglarized than homeowners.

What can you do to put clients at ease? Take a moment—as moving season heats up once again this spring—to secure your units for your renters.

  1. Find the weak spots. Conduct a safety audit on your properties to find the most susceptible points of entry. In-window air conditioning units, fire escapes, and dark entryways are all common entry points for burglars, according to Ooma. Motion sensor alarms are one option for securing these areas.
  2. Secure ground level windows and patio doors. A simple yet effective way to add peace of mind is to make sure there’s a security bar or metal rod that can block the door from being opened. Consider adding motion sensors to these areas as well.
  3. Consider security cameras. Video is usually the best way to catch burglars, Ooma says. Some cameras have built-in sensors that read thermal information and sound, which will activate recording.
  4. Monitor your property from your phone. Many DIY home security systems come with an app that allows you to monitor a property remotely and receive notifications when a motion sensor or camera has been triggered.

Source: “Keep Your Chicago Apartment Safe with 5 Security Hacks,” February 2018, Ooma.com