Agent Uses ‘Not Haunted’ Sign to Lure Buyers

February 28, 2018

Real estate pro Ellis Young recently added “NOT HAUNTED” to a For Sale sign in front of his 3,600-square-foot listing in Manvel, Texas, and says it's making an impact on his marketing campaign.

The home had been on the market for a month but wasn’t gaining much traction. Young says since he posted the humorous addition to the sign, he’s had more buyers tour the property.

But while some neighbors find the sign funny, other have taken offense it, calling the sign “odd” and asking for him to remove it. “It never crossed my mind that somebody would take it mildly serious,” Young says.

So, Young removed the haunted message and replaced it with something he hoped would be more acceptable to his neighbors. He posted the words “gluten-free home” to the sign.

“You can’t do it the same old way,” Young says about marketing with For Sale signs. “You’ve got to spice it up. You’ve got to look different. You’ve got to keep it fun.”

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Source: “REALTOR® Uses ‘Not Haunted’ Sign in Attempt to Sell House,” KTRK/CNN (Feb. 26, 2018)