The Nation’s Fastest-Gentrifying ZIP Codes

March 5, 2018

Los Angeles’ ZIP code 90014 is gentrifying at the fastest rate in the nation, according to a new analysis by RentCafe. The LA ZIP code has seen a lot of change over the past 16 years: home values increasing 707 percent; household incomes rising 85 percent; and the number of residents with higher education growing by 857 percent.

To identify the fastest-gentrifying ZIP codes, RentCafe researchers looked at 2000 U.S. Census Bureau data and 2016 American Community Survey findings to see the changes that took place over a decade and a half in 11,000 U.S. ZIP codes. They averaged three main factors in their rankings: median home values, median household incomes, and the population that holds a bachelor’s degree or higher.

According to RentCafe’s research, the following are the 10 fastest-gentrifying ZIP codes in the nation between 2000 and 2016:

  1. 90014: Los Angeles
  2. 20001: Washington, D.C.
  3. 77003: Houston
  4. 19123: Philadelphia
  5. 10039: Manhattan
  6. 76102: Fort Worth, Texas
  7. 11211: Brooklyn, N.Y.
  8. 19146: Philadelphia
  9. 11222: Brooklyn, N.Y.
  10. 11216: Brooklyn, N.Y.

View the full list at RentCafe.

Source: “Downtown LA’s 90014 Heads the List of Fastest-Gentrifying ZIPs Since the Turn of the Millennium,” RentCafe blog (Feb. 13, 2018)