Ad Shows Children’s Connection to Homes

March 13, 2018

Change is hard and moving can be a stressful event, especially for children. But the joys and memories you make in a new home are on the other side of that big change. To show sensitivity to the natural apprehension surrounding a move, Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s new ad campaign focuses on finding comfort in a new home.

The minute-long ad titled “Hoops” focuses on how one agent quells a child’s fear of moving to a new house by connecting with the boy through a love of basketball. The concept of friendships formed as children while playing in the driveway of their home depicts the relatable emotional connection that can develop with a house.

“The ‘Hoops’ campaign is a story that showcases how our agents truly feel about what they do every day—help people turn a house into a home,” says David Marine, Coldwell Banker’s senior vice president of marketing.

Coldwell Banker’s recent commercials have focused on telling stories that pull on the heartstrings. The brand’s last ad, “Somebody to Love,” partnered with to highlight the fulfillment of adopting and bringing home a new four-legged family member.

“At Coldwell Banker our goal is for every single one of our clients to love their home. Your home is more than a financial asset; it is the setting of many of life’s best moments and memories,” says Charlie Young, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. “Our affiliated agents know how to help their clients find the perfect home and our mission is to give the best guidance, tools and insights to empower our agents.”

The ad spot is timed to run during this month’s NCAA basketball tournament.

Source: Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC