This Bidding War Was Won With a Music Video

March 21, 2018

Natan and Elizabeth Kuchar recently submitted an offer on a home in Berkeley, Calif., but they knew their chances were slim when they were outbid by another buyer by thousands of dollars for a 1929 three-bedroom home. So to make their offer stand out, they included a video of Natan serenading the seller with the song “Our House.”

The Kuchars, who are both teachers, were living down the street in a rental home with their three children when they learned the three-bedroom home was for sale. They wanted to stay in the neighborhood, so they jumped at the chance to purchase it.

But another offer on the home was $20,000 more than what the Kuchars had offered, the couple’s agent Maya Karpinski, who works with Redfin, told them.

“We couldn’t go over; we couldn’t push our number anymore,” says Natan. “So we felt a little deflated.”

Natan, a music teacher who publishes videos for kids on YouTube under the name Mr. Palindrome, decided to turn to music.

“I went to my piano and turned on my camera and decided I was going to record this message [for the sellers], and in essence it was me saying, I don’t have the words to describe how much we want this house to be our home, so instead I’m going to sing to you this Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, ‘Our House,’ and that was it,” Natan says.

The sellers are big music fans, which Natan knew. But unknowingly to him, the sellers had sung that very song to each other the first time they had lit the fireplace in the house. After seeing Natan's video, they instantly accepted the Kuchars’ offer, according to the Redfin real estate blog, which recently spotlighted the Kuchers’ buying experience.

“My wife and I were just shocked and honestly confused,” Natan says. “We certainly weren’t the highest bidder, so it was very heartwarming to know that some sellers in Berkeley are looking for more than the highest offer. … I can’t tell you how grateful and excited we feel to be living here.”

The sellers said they were “moved” by Natan’s music video. “Seeing that made us realize that they were definitely real people who had told us the truth,” the seller, Kathy, said about the video. “When they said they couldn’t go any higher, it wasn’t a negotiating tactic. They really love our house.” 

Source: “Bay Area Music Teacher Wins Bidding War With Heartfelt Rendition of ‘Our House,’” Redfin (March 19, 2018)