5 Signs It’s Time for an Office Remodel

March 30, 2018

An office renovation or remodeling project is one of those expenses that’s typically put off until there are glaring problems. But when the job is rushed out of necessity—just like home renovations—you can end up spending more money on fixes and updates than anticipated. So, how do you know when it’s time to give the green light on an office remodel project? Cicero’s Development Corp., a general contractor specializing in commercial renovations, offers five telltale signs that your brokerage is ready for a makeover.

  1. An outdated, deteriorating appearance. The most obvious signs your office needs a renovation are paint fading or chipping, worn-out flooring and tearing in high-traffic areas, tired and old furnishings, and an antiquated, old-fashioned, or outdated feel.   
  2. Doesn’t reflect your brand’s image. Does your office space reflect your brand, mission statement, and commitment to service? When a client enters your office, he or she should be able to identify and connect with your brand’s culture. And, for agents and staff, the office should inspire them to achieve good work.
  3. No client meetings. Are your agents taking clients elsewhere for meetings? Sure, it could be out of convenience. But it also could be because your office environment is unimpressive and uninspiring. Your workspace should be something you and your agents are proud to show off.
  4. Doesnt attract new agents. Are you having trouble recruiting new talent? Try taking an honest look at your company’s office space. When potential recruits visit your brokerage, it should leave them feeling welcomed and energized by a feeling of ingenuity and success. Well-designed offices, like homes, can leave a lasting impression.
  5. Doesn’t inspire interaction or communication. A dated office siloes people and doesn’t offer spaces that elicit collaboration or face-to-face communication. Many modern real estate offices have open, efficient spaces that allow agents and staff seamless interaction with one another. The layout should reinforce productivity, such as areas for collaborative meetings or client meetings, private areas for phone calls and quiet tasks, or even a marketing resources room with a video production studio.

Source: Cicero's Development Corp.