6 Traits of a Strong Landing Page

April 5, 2018

The home page of your website serves as a virtual first impression. As a real estate pro, you should craft a successful landing page with a goal of enticing potential clients into wanting to buy or sell with you. Unbounce, a landing page builder and conversion platform for marketers, recently surveyed data and created an infographic from more than 18,600 landing pages to discover which components make visitors click.

Pages that featured a single call to action—one link—showed a conversion rate of 13.5 percent, compared to pages with five or more links, which had a 10.5 percent rate. It’s crucial to keep your home page focused and straightforward to ensure valuable clicks from visitors. Loading time for landing pages was also a deciding success factor: Pages with few to no images had a conversion rate of 11.4 percent while pages with more than 1 megabyte of oversized images had a 9.8 percent rate.

Another measured trait was “social proof,” referring to photos of customers, testimonials, and social media posts that businesses can feature on their websites. The social element helped build trust with consumers and bring more sales to the businesses using it. But most businesses did not add social proof to their sites: More than three-quarters of marketers said they don’t feature it on their sites.

Other factors can make all the difference between clients navigating through a successful sales-driving website and a confusing, cluttered home page. Check out the infographic that highlights the top traits of strong landing pages and the stats and data behind them to give your website traffic a 2018 boost.

Source: “6 Landing Page Tips to Drive Sales and Reach New Customers (Infographic)” (Entrepreneur.com, April 1, 2018)