7 Cities With Robust Job, Housing Markets

April 16, 2018

The job market in some areas of the country may be robust, but continually rising home prices are keeping workers from being able to buy. Realtor.com® sought to identify the metros with the best prospects for a job and affordable real estate options.

Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. realtor.com® found the professions that are expected to see the most growth in new jobs through 2026, including the green energy, health care, and technology fields. The following are the highest concentrations of these jobs in the 200 largest metros where paychecks will stretch the most. 

1. Solar panel installers

  • Top metro: Wilmington, Del. 
  • The metro’s median list price: $244,500
  • Profession’s national median salary: $39,200
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 105 percent

2. Wind turbine technicians

  • Top metro: Duluth, Minn. 
  • Metro’s median list price: $175,000
  • Profession’s national median salary: $52,300
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 96 percent

3. Physician assistants

  • Top metro: Asheville, N.C. 
  • Metro’s median list price: $353,100
  • Profession’s national median salary: $101,500
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 37 percent

4. Statisticians

  • Top metro: Durham, N.C.
  • Metro’s median list price: $370,500
  • Profession’s national median salary: $80,500
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 34 percent

5. Physical therapist assistants

  • Top metro: Springfield, Mo. 
  • Metro’s median list price: $187,500
  • Profession’s national median salary: $56,600
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 31 percent

6. Software developers

  • Top metro: Austin, Texas 
  • Metro’s median list price: $368,800
  • Profession’s national median salary: $100,100
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 31 percent

7. Genetic counselors

  • Top metro: Salt Lake City
  • Metro’s median list price: $394,000
  • Profession’s national median salary: $74,100
  • Profession’s projected growth rate: 29 percent

Source: “10 Most Affordable Cities for the Fastest-Growing Career: Is Your Job on This Lucky List?” realtor.com® (April 16, 2018)