Where You Might Find the Most Female Buyers

April 17, 2018

Women who work full-time jobs in Arlington, Va., rank among the top female earners in the nation, bringing in an average of more than $80,200 per year, according to a new analysis by personal finance website SmartAsset. “Today, in some American cities, women are earning large salaries, running their own businesses, and handling their mortgages with ease,” the analysis notes. 

SmartAsset pinpointed the U.S. cities where women are finding the most success, evaluating these six data factors:

  • Percentage of women with bachelor’s degrees.
  • Median earnings for full-time, working women.
  • Percentage of businesses owned by women.
  • Women’s unemployment rate.
  • Average housing costs as a percent of income.
  • Percentage of women with high incomes. 

Here are the top cities for female earners. 



Source: “Cities Where Women Are the Most Successful,” SmartAsset (April 12, 2018)