More Agents Find Value in Promoting Green

April 24, 2018

Homeowners and buyers are increasingly interested in sustainability, which is leading more real estate pros to promote environmentally responsible features and business practices. Sixty-one percent of REALTORS® recently surveyed say that consumers are interested in sustainability, according to the REALTORS® and Sustainability 2018 Report.

Seventy-one percent of agents and brokers reported that promoting energy efficiency in listings is either somewhat or very valuable. Agents said the top market issues and considerations regarding sustainability tended to be understanding lending options for energy upgrades or solar panels; improving the energy efficiency of the existing housing stock; and remedying the lack of information and materials provided to real estate professionals. 

Still, real estate pros and brokers realize they need to learn more about sustainability to help educate their clients. Thirty-nine percent of agents said they are comfortable or extremely comfortable answering questions about home performance and efficiency.

“Consumers continue to make it clear that environmentally friendly features and neighborhoods are an important factor in deciding where and what home to buy,” says Elizabeth Mendenhall, president of the National Association of REALTORS®. “REALTORS® are leaders in the conversation about real estate sustainability, energy conservation, and resource efficiency, and will continue to promote environmentally conscious strategies and best practices that benefit not just our clients, but also our communities.” 

The report was released from NAR’s Sustainability Program to pinpoint sustainability issues in residential and commercial real estate markets and identify consumer preferences. 

Forty percent of agents and brokers surveyed reported that their multiple listing service has green data fields. For those who do, 37 percent of agents and brokers said they do use them to promote green features, 27 percent use them to promote energy information, and 16 percent use them to promote green certifications. 

Commercial real estate practitioners said eco-friendly matters were important in their sector too. Seventy percent of agents and brokers indicated that promoting energy efficiency in commercial listings was very or somewhat valuable. The top building features that their clients tend to value the most include utility and operation costs; efficient use of lighting; and indoor air quality. 





Source: National Association of REALTORS®