3 Ways to Beat Your Competition

April 30, 2018

With a tight market this spring, competition for listings and buyers will be fiercer among real estate professionals. So how can you show clients you’d be the best representative for their housing needs? Forbes.com recently featured tips for salespeople to capture more of their market share, including personalizing your sales pitches, showing greater understanding for clients, and even reverting to mail. 

Show a complete understanding of the situation your clients face. “If you can demonstrate that you understand the problems and challenges your prospect is trying to solve, you are much more likely to pique their interest,” writes Forbes.com columnist Dan Gingiss.

Tailor your services to each client. Take the time to learn their specific concerns and needs so that you can cater your services to them. Speak directly to your buyers’ or sellers’ concerns so they feel heard.

Don’t count out mail. “Email is fast, easy, and inexpensive,” Gingiss writes. “Snail mail is none of those things. But it stands out in a big way because most people receive little or no snail mail at work.” You might consider sending a handwritten note or a small, personalized knickknack to get attention. “A personal item sent via snail mail will often generate a response from a prospect, if for no other reason than guilt,” Gingiss notes. “It can be a genuine conversation starter compared to email, which almost always feels cold.”

Source: “3 Ways to Stand Out From All Other Salespeople,” Forbes.com (April 24, 2018)