Retirees Preferring Dog Parks Over Golf

May 16, 2018

Generations of retirees are showing a shift in housing priorities. John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently compared nearly 3,000 registered new-home shoppers born in the 1940s to more than 5,200 new-home shoppers born in the 1950s to uncover some of those shifting trends. 

For one, younger retirees are showing more preference to live near dog parks. The 1950s generation surveyed rated a dog park as their top retiree amenity, which replaces golf cart trails as the top preference among those born in the 1940s. Fifty-six percent of the 1950s generation surveyed said they wanted a dog park, compared to 50 percent of those born in the 1940s, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting research, which is featured in the book Big Shifts Ahead.

Younger retirees are also showing a growing preference for more personal organic gardens as well as an organic community garden. 

And they’re showing less desire to live near golf. The percentage of 1950s respondents who selected golf cart trails dropped 6 percent to 47 percent. They also are showing less desire for pickle ball. Pickle ball dropped by 8 percent to 22 percent among 1950s respondents who said they wanted a pickle ball court.  


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Source: “Retirees Want More Dogs and Gardens, Less Golf and Pickle Ball,” John Burns Real Estate Consulting