Younger Pros Are Feeling More Stressed

May 24, 2018

A new survey from the Mental Health Foundation suggests younger people in the workplace feel more stressed than their older colleagues. For young agents in a brokerage, an essential way to provide support to their pressure is to call on older pros for help. Brokers can set up mentorship programs between old and young or encourage younger ones to get involved in YPN as a social support group to de-stress among peers.

It’s important for brokers to utilize compassion when managing their brokerage, office and agents. Brian Fielkow, a corporate culture advisor & author of Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence By Creating A Vibrant Culture, explains an essential solution: “The key to successfully managing these young workers is empathy.”

As last week concluded Mental Health Awareness Week, the MHF surveyed more than 4,500 respondents about workplace stress and found that millennials reported being under more pressure than their baby boomer coworkers. Twenty-eight percent of the younger respondents said working through stress was an expectation at their job, compared to just 12 percent of boomer respondents. Regardless of age, only 14 percent of all respondents reported feeling comfortable enough to discuss their stress levels with their manager.

“Unlike previous generations, millennials like to talk about their emotions, and that’s actually a good thing in the workplace,” Fielkow says.