How to Get More Shares of Your Real Estate Content

May 30, 2018

The more shares you can get of your real estate-related content online, the more you get your name in front of potential prospects. But getting your content shared can be more difficult nowadays. After all, cites a recent study that found that the average number of social media shares of a piece of content is down by 50 percent in the last few years. In fact, a typical piece of content is nabbing a median of only four shares, according to late 2017 data. 

How could you get even more? columnist Brian Sutter offers some of the following tips for businesses:

Share more often. 

You have a blog post that you’d like to share, so you share it to your social media accounts one time. But Sutter says you should share it more than once. He urges users to use social media scheduling tools—such as HootSuite, Buffer, or others—to schedule social media posts. Then, he suggests setting them to post the day the content publishes, two days after publication, four days, six days, eight days, 14 days, one month, and even more. “With just this practice, you have shared your content three times more often than the average piece of content is shared,” Sutter writes. 

Get others to share your content. 

Have a peer or friend share your content too. You can even offer modest rewards for someone to share your content. Read more about how to use contests to get your real estate content shared by the public.

Do “blogger outreach” to micro-influencers. 

Get others with influence to share your content too. Sutter says “micro-influencers” are those who have a social media following of 20,000 or fewer. First, follow them on several social media platforms. Reshare some of their content three or five times, and leave a few comments on their posts, Sutter says. This will help them to know who you are and then when you send them a request to share one of your items, they may be more likely to do so. 

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