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5 Marketing Ideas for Social Media Day

June 29, 2018

Grab your selfie stick, because June 30 is Social Media Day. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have become vital for real estate marketers to get their content out to their audience and connect with prospective clients.

“Hopefully, if you’re an agent, you spend more time on social media doing business than scrolling through feeds,” says Grant Findlay-Shirras, co-founder of Parkbench.com, a real estate marketing company. “Social media marketing is about creating content and adding value.”

If you’re looking for some fresh content marketing ideas to liven up your profiles for Social Media Day, Findlay-Shirras has five strategies for agents, teams, and brokers.

  1. Interviews. Ask a local business owner or professional in your market to do a video interview to promote them and what they do. This is a great way to generate reciprocate referrals, Findlay-Shirras says. Publish the video on YouTube, add it your blog, and share it on your social channels. Or start a Facebook page for your local area, he suggests, and share your videos there. Consider setting a modest budget of $5 to $10 to boost your video posts from your community or business page, and don’t forget to ask the person you interview to share the video as well.
  2. Think local. Turn your blog into a local resource. Create and share posts on social media that discuss community events, news, deals, and real estate happenings in your market. Drive home that you’re a local expert who is active and involved in the area.
  3. Facebook ads. If you already have great content on your website, create a new call to action ad driving traffic to a landing page to capture buyer and seller leads.
  4. Get writing. Write a new blog post that solves a problem for home buyers or sellers, answers a common question you receive, or educates people about things like closing costs or market insights, Findlay-Shirras suggests. Promote your post on Instagram with an engaging image and add the link in your bio or in a story. According to Instagram, 80 percent of its users follow a business, and posts with a location generate 79 percent higher engagement.
  5. Go live. Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram’s live video features by filming an open house, previewing a home, staging a home, or while attending a local community event this weekend. Your video doesn’t have to be perfectly scripted or long—it’s about getting in front of your audience and showing them who you are and what you do.
Grant Findlay-Shirras, Parkbench.com