New-home construction

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New-Home Construction: A ‘Bonanza’ for Thieves

July 13, 2018

The uptick in new-home construction in some parts of the country is creating a “bonanza” for thieves, CBS 13 in Sacramento, Calif., reports. In Sacramento alone, police have received 26 reports of thefts from new neighborhoods under construction. The thieves are reportedly stealing everything from tools to newly installed appliances inside the homes.

This has prompted police to warn residents and send out more patrols into newly constructed communities. “The loss could be from a few dollars to a tool to thousands of dollars with some of the new appliances,” Rob Baquera, Roseville Police spokesman, told CBS. “Microwaves, ovens, things that are newly installed. Those are being taken from the houses.”

Police say the suspects are breaking into the homes at night so they won’t be seen by neighbors. Additionally, new-home construction often means there are very few neighbors around, if any, to help keep watch.

“You can imagine that these guys are using some heavy trucks or large vans, something to carry this equipment away and those are the things to look out for,” Baquera told CBS.

Areas across the country that have high densities of new-home construction should be on alert for any hot spots that could be prone to thievery. 

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