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Breaking Down Home Maintenance: The Costs, Timelines

July 17, 2018

The cost to maintain a home is something financial experts recommend budgeting for early on, in preparation for choosing which house to buy. On average, homeowners spend 1 percent of their overall home cost in maintenance every year, according to a new study by Porch.com.

The upkeep costs can vary based on style, age, type, and even location of the home. The average cost to maintaining a home each year is about $16,000, according to Porch.com’s analysis.

Where does all that money go? A few chores that routinely pop up on a homeowner’s to-do list include pool keeping, lawn maintenance, and repairs and replacements of appliances.

View the chart below from Porch.com to see the estimated frequency of maintaining certain aspects of the home, and the average costs.

Porch.com maintenance frequency. Visit source link at the end of the article for full text.

© Porch.com

The Cost to Maintain a Home,” Porch.com (July 2018)