Phone call over text

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5 Reasons You Should Call Instead of Text

July 27, 2018

More often than not, people choose to communicate with each other through text or email as opposed to having a conversation over the phone. While text and email can be more efficient for some types of communication, certain nuances are lost without having a verbal conversation, says marketing strategist and customer service expert Marc Gordon. 

“The fact is that the telephone allows us, as a species, to communicate in our most natural form,” he says.

Gordon offers five reasons why sales professionals shouldn’t give up on voice calls as a tool for communicating to clients and prospects:

More efficiency, more influence. A two way conversation happens much more quickly and fluidly over the phone, and allows for a more natural flow of ideas and suggestions. People’s voices can also control the direction and tone of the conversation that can’t be interpreted in a text or email, Gordon says.

You can read emotions. How many times have you received a text and couldn’t tell if someone was upset? Or you take a sentence personally, when it wasn’t directed at you? An “OK” or an emoji can be taken in a lot of different ways. Misinterpretations are repercussions of abbreviated text conversations that lack context. “When sharing news on the phone, you will receive the most emotionally honest response,” Gordon says. “Their tone of voice, pauses, inflections and choice of words will tell you way more about how they feel than could ever be shared in a text.”

Talking is the great equalizer. “Anyone who’s received a text that went CU@8HAGD (See you at 8. Have a great day), knows even a simple text chat can be a confusing experience,” Gordon says. Cultural or language differences can also add to misunderstanding and confusion. “Speaking on the phone or in person allows for the natural exchange of dialogue and easy clarification of slang and technical terms,” he says.

You can multitask. Tasks as simple as eating or walking can become challenging, with your head down and two thumbs typing away. And consider how dangerous it is to text and drive. “Talking on the phone leaves both hands free and the ability to look straight ahead, allowing for easy multitasking such as taking notes, driving with a hands free device, or just crossing the street,” Gordon says.

Improves both business and social skills. A talented real estate professional should be able to effectively communicate in person and across all forms of technology to build the greatest number of personal and professional relationships. “The ability to build rapport, convey ideas, influence opinions, and understand others is something everyone should possess regardless of profession or age,” Gordon says. “Choosing to only use certain technology to communicate only weakens these skills.”

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