4 Tips for Growing Your Seller Sphere

August 10, 2018

Finding real estate clients today, especially sellers, can be challenging. The hot market has made fierce competition for housing leads. Here are four tips from Desare Kohn-Laski, broker-owner of Skye Louis Realty, to give you and your team leverage on finding the right clients for you.

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1. Create your own circle of offline connections and influences. Widening your offline connections and influences is essential, Kohn-Laski says. Consider getting involved with community groups, volunteering with your favorite organization, and making connections between your real estate company and growing businesses in your area. If you reach out to sectors you’re already passionate about or have experience in, it will allow you to develop authentic relationships.

2. Build a better online network. Expand your online and social media contacts to include professionals of diverse titles, not only in your local area but also in adjacent towns and nearby cities. “If you think they are not relevant, you may be wrong with the impression,” Kohn-Laski says. Dive into social platforms you’ve been ignoring, such as Instagram or Pinterest, which may open up a new group of clientele as long as you remain consistent.

3. Send mailers, both online and offline. Good old-fashioned mailers aren’t dead. In fact, as fewer real estate professionals use them, it’s a great opportunity to create brand awareness and target a specific area. Provide some useful information about the local market. For new agents: Make sure your mailer includes your full name, license number, the firm you are connected to, its address, and contact numbers for you and the firm. (Managing brokers should train new agents on this, too.) Take that same branding and apply it to your online and email campaign so there’s consistency. Since it’s an electronic form, create an extra punch by including a video, Kohn-Laski says.

4. Step up your website. Company sites are important with profiles of all your agents. But Kohn-Laski also believes each agent should have their own personally branded website where they can provide listings, value-added services, frequently asked questions, and even informational articles or blog posts that can help spark the interest of potential clients, she says. And if you already have a website but it’s outdated, it’s time for a redesign.

Desare Kohn-Laski, Skye Louis Realty