5 Ways to Customize Your Real Estate Services

September 18, 2018

2018 CRS Week

The Residential Real Estate Council kicks off its annual celebration of CRS Week on Monday, Sept. 24, offering five free webinars to help agents and brokers tackle challenging aspects of business management and client relationships, from marketing smart-home technology to aging-in-place homeowners to competing with discount brokerages. The webinars are available to all real estate professionals as a sampling of CRS education and credit toward a CRS designation or maintenance requirement. You can register for all five webinars at once, but remember that even if you can’t attend every live webinar, it still pays to register so you can access the video playback later. If you’re ready to be “unbeatable”—the theme of CRS Week this year—check out the details of each webinar, along with links to register.

Monday: Why Older Clients Need Smart-Home Tech

Homeowner operating smart-home device

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Smart homes have become ubiquitous, and they’re not only for younger, technologically savvy home buyers. Some features are ideal for assisting maturing homeowners and their families with safer and more user-friendly properties. Learn which devices and features can help older clients stay in their homes longer or move into a new home that can be modified to make their life easier and bring the family more peace.

Tuesday: How the CRS Designation Sets You Apart

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A huge, multimillion-dollar campaign aimed at consumers isn’t going to bring you more business as a CRS designee. However, that CRS you hold so proudly will bring you more business when you use it as a way to differentiate yourself in a competitive and crowded market. Whether you’re a new CRS designee or you’ve been one for years, learn how to explain what the designation means and why it makes you the right agent.

Wednesday: Beating Out Discount Brokerages

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Disruption is a hot topic in the business world, and it’s happening all around us. New discount brokerage models are being introduced to the industry rapidly, and they’re cutting into the pie for the rest of the real estate industry. Learn how to distinguish yourself and prove your services are worthy against discount brokerages and embrace disruptive forces so that you can stay ahead of the curve and remain successful in your business.

Thursday: Never Lose Another Listing

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Learn how to tailor your listing presentations to each individual client’s needs. Ask the right questions and get hired! You’ll also learn what questions to ask from the first phone call you receive from the potential client and what to do before listing to differentiate yourself. With so many local competitors, especially in this world of internet competition, it is even more critical to know how to communicate your worth and defend your value.

Friday: Making Lifelong Millennial Clients

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Glean insight into the preferences of millennial home shoppers, as well as the dos and don’ts of marketing to them. You’ll also gain knowledge about the costliest items in a home and explore the importance of a solid ongoing maintenance strategy. Despite their penchant for moving slowly toward homeownership, millennials are the fastest-growing group of buyers, and in order to grow your business, you need to understand their needs.

—REALTOR® Magazine