A Big Nuisance Entering More Homes This Fall: Spiders

September 19, 2018

More spiders will likely be building their webs inside homes this fall. The arachnids from gardens and backyards often creep inside when the weather turns colder. But they also may already be there and just more willing to show themselves in the fall to homeowners.

A spider poised on its web

JasonGillman - MorgueFile

Homeowner Nicole Photianos in Georgia’s Paulding County told WSB-TV 2 that when she moved into her new home she found dozens of venomous brown recluse spiders all over the house. Even after several exterminator treatments, she still can’t get rid of the spiders.

In most cases, the spiders entering the majority of homes are harmless. There are about 43,000 spider species; only a few are dangerous, with fewer than 30 that have the power to actually kill a human.

Regardless, you don’t want spiders to take over your house and you don’t want them to drop from the ceiling while a potential home buyer is touring your property.

Realtor.com® offered a few tips on how to get rid of the spiders from a home. The best way: Regularly clean the home. Vacuum floorings and furniture to remove any webs or spider eggs, particularly those that may be settling into those corners.

Also, homeowners will want to seal any gaps or cracks in the walls. That is an easy place for spiders to settle into. Spiders also often enter homes through poorly screened windows and doors or cracks around the door or window frames.

Homeowners who suspect a spider is dangerous —like a brown recluse or black widow—will want to contact an exterminator. You can also get an insect bomb, which releases a lethal concoction for spiders. But if you use such repellents, you’ll need to vacate the area for several hours.

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