Video: Brokerage Teaches How to ‘Duffy’ With $45M Listing

October 9, 2018

Tim Smith of Coldwell Banker wants you to know that his $45 million waterfront listing in Newport Beach, Calif., would make for a great party house, but you’ll want to “duffy” for it. Smith hired rappers Smoove da General and Yung of Cali Swag District to create a YouTube video spoofing their own 2010 viral dance hit, “Teach Me How to Dougie.” The Cali Swag District members created an original song for Smith’s listing called “Teach Me How to Duffy.”

In the four-minute video, the rappers pull up to the house in a boat and join a party, as viewers sneak a peek of some of the home’s features, such as the 1,100-gallon aquarium or 16-foot stone fireplace. Smith himself enters in the video at one point and raps: “Five bedrooms with a loft, game room and a gym, two bars for your gin, and three pools for a swim.”

Smith spent $50,000 on making the video. The video also featured a variety of Instagram “influencers,” models, and dancers in the party scenes.

The home, listed for $45 million, is the second highest priced home currently on the MLS in the city.

Watch the video and learn how to “duffy.”