Agents Turn to Spider-Man to Save Their Listings

October 15, 2018

Berkshire Hathaway real estate pros Christina Dudley and Michael Frank want potential buyers to do a double-take when they look at photos of their listings online. That’s why they’ve incorporated Spider-Man and unicorns into the images.

Cosplayer dressed as 'Spiderman' from Marvel

© ColobusYeti - iStock Editorial/Getty Images Plus

The Baltimore-based team dressed as the characters for listing photos to highlight the home’s best features. After all, how could a Spider-Man in a shower not get a person to look twice? So far, the agents have done two photo shoots using Spider-Man and unicorn costumes, and they plan to do more.

“These charismatic strategies won’t work with every house,” Frank told The Baltimore Sun. “It’s just a way to show you we’ll have fun.”

The duo decided to try it after they read a story about a real estate agent in Granbury, Texas, wearing a T-Rex costume in listing photos. The story went viral, and the home was under contract within the first two days of being on the market.

Dudley and Frank wanted to see if a unicorn could produce the same result. In one set of property photos, they wore an inflatable unicorn, with photos of them walking the dog in front of the home, carefully trying to go up the stairs, playing Twister in the bonus room, and even doing the laundry. The “unicorn” house went under contract for sale in one day, Dudley told the Sun.

The idea worked so well that when Dudley and Frank recently got a listing for another home that had been lingering on the market for several months, they decided to give it another try—this time dressed as Spider-Man. The photos were posted last week on social media to attract more foot traffic to the property.

In the photos, “Spider-Man” was perched on railings, window sills, and even did a headstand in one photo showing off a bedroom. Spider-Man also was making dinner at the stove in the home’s kitchen. “We don’t expect anyone to buy because of Spider-Man, but it’s more fun than your standard room-by-room shots,” Dudley told the Sun.