Stacking Up Yard Sizes by State

October 16, 2018

The average residential lawn in America is about a quarter of an acre (or 10,871 square feet), but the number can vary greatly depending on where you live.

For example, Vermont homeowners tend to enjoy the largest lots at 73,979 square feet—seven times the national average. Homeowners in Montana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Maine also tend to boast some of the largest lot sizes in the country, too.

Vermont’s large lot sizes average nearly 17 times the size of the nation’s smallest yard sizes, which tend to be found in Nevada (at an average of 4,386 square feet). Homeowners also have some of the smallest yards to maintain in California, Arizona, and Texas.

HomeAdvisor, a home improvement resource, calculated the average lawn size per state by taking the average lot size and subtracting the average home size. See how your state’s yard size compares to the rest of the country in the infographic below.

US yard sizes.

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How Big Is the Average Lawn?” HomeAdvisor (October 2018)