Could Your Sellers Use a Staging Concierge?

October 18, 2018

Getting a home ready to sell can be a pain. To ease this load for homeowners, some brokerages are offering competing programs that help get a listing ready. Compass and Redfin recently announced their own staging and renovation concierge services geared toward owners looking to sell whose homes might need a little prepping first.

Staging concierge

© Stefano Oppo - Cultura/Getty Images

The newly launched Compass Concierge has real estate professionals from Compass who guide sellers through home improvements that could be beneficial to do before they sell. Compass will cover the cost of services like deep cleaning, painting, staging, decluttering, landscaping, and other “cosmetic renovations.” The program is offered to sellers at no additional fee up front.

Homeowners who meet with the Compass agent can then choose which services they’d like to make in their home before the home is listed. The program is currently offered in all 22 markets in which Compass operates, and there is no minimum listing price for properties eligible.

“This is another example of a great idea that came from one of our agents that we are excited to bring to life,” says Robert Reffkin, founder and CEO of Compass. “It’s an opportunity for Compass to use our capital to help our agents better serve their clients.”

In 2017, Redfin launched a similar program called Redfin Concierge. It offers a service that coordinates, supervises, and pays the costs of deep cleaning, painting, staging, and landscaping on listings that are worth at least $500,000. The program, which is available to sellers who pay an extra listing fee for the service, is only available currently in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

“Redfin Concierge Service reaches a new audience of home sellers who want to get their home in top shape for selling, but want their agent to handle everything,” Karen Krupsaw, Redfin senior vice president of real estate operations, said in a statement last year about the program.