What’s Fact and Fiction About Tech Disruption?

November 5, 2018

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How will driverless cars, bitcoin transactions, and the potential for discrimination in targeted advertising affect your business? The real estate industry is facing what could be huge repercussions as technological disruption continues to take aim at traditional business models. We got the low-down on what’s coming at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Boston.

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Checking the Blockchain Hype

Many companies launching today pledge that blockchain technology will revolutionize life. But how real is that promise? Experts sort through the difference between hyperbole and help for those who aren’t steeped in the technology world.

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Small Website Details Can Have Huge Importance

As places of public accommodation, websites are subject to the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act. So you can be hit with a lawsuit if someone tries to use your site and finds that it lacks accessibility features required by the law.

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Businesses Take Control of Driverless Cars

It may seem too early to be factoring driverless cars into your business strategy, but the technology is coming more quickly than you might think. “It’s 2018—they’re here,” experts say. “It’s just a question of when it comes to your market.”

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Housing Discrimination Via Algorithms: An Alarming Trend

Bias is playing out in the form of hidden online calculations that companies can use to exclude certain populations from viewing residential real estate ads online. Fair housing agencies are growing concerned about the information these algorithms collect and the lack of transparency.

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In Danger? Your Lapel Pin Can Help 

Your REALTOR® pin lets consumers know you’re a professional who subscribes to a Code of Ethics. But it can also be transformed into a secret way to let a dispatcher know you’re in trouble.