3 Mind-Boosting Tips to Retain More Information

November 9, 2018

Whether you’re overwhelmed by your schedule or not getting enough sleep, memory lapses can be a common repercussion. But there are ways to exercise your brain to improve both memory and concentration, which will help in your daily business dealings.

A recent Broker to Broker article outlines six mind-boosting techniques—here is a quick recap of three you can start using today.

1. A trick for remembering names. Do you find yourself meeting someone new, then forgetting their name five minutes later? Here's an exercise from Daniel Schacter, the William R. Kenan Jr. professor of psychology at Harvard University. It’s the “recall, retrieve, and repeat” technique. When you meet someone, repeat their name to yourself and associate some meaning behind it. Then, a few seconds later, recall the name again in your mind. Do that several times over a longer time span each time.

2. Meditation for beginners. Many people think meditation isn't for them, but it’s a habit that can greatly improve your concentration levels, according to Luis Angel Echeverria, memory training expert and founder of AE Mind. Start with just three to five minutes of positive visualization where you see yourself accomplishing all of your daily, weekly, or monthly goals in your mind’s eye. Then try another three to five minutes where you silence your mind by visualizing a blue beam of light in your mind. Work your way up to 10 to 15 minutes of these meditation exercises.

3. Use the power of positivity. Reinforcing positive thinking can actually improve your focus and memory, Echeverria says. Tell yourself that you have an amazing memory and that you can focus, which will create a positive environment in your mind where skills can grow.

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