Major Cities With the Most Listings Below $200K

December 17, 2018

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Budget-conscious home buyers may have a tough time finding the right property, as only 30 percent of listings on® are priced below $200,000—down from 53 percent in 2012, according to a recent analysis of the online portal’s data. But there are some surprising cities that still offer plenty of cheaper options for hungry house hunters.

House hunters on the East Coast and in the Midwest may have the greatest number of choices, but location within cities is still key. “It’s common to find more affordable homes farther away from the city center,” says® Chief Economist Danielle Hale. “Surprisingly, even in areas you would expect to be superexpensive, there are properties that are priced really low.” Here are the markets with the most listings below $200,000, according to®.

1. Chicago

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 15,416

2. Miami

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 9,169

3. Philadelphia

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 8,575

4. Atlanta

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 8,469

5. New York

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 7,684

6. Detroit

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 6,564

7. St. Louis

  • Number of listings below $200,000: 6,384

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