5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind Without Being Annoying

December 18, 2018

Though your clients can gain an advantage by continuing their home search in December, many buyers and sellers will put their real estate aspirations on hold until after the holiday season. You can use this downtime to remind customers of your local market expertise so they’re ready to make a move when it’s time to jump back in. However, you want to be mindful of how you reach out to customers. To avoid becoming a nuisance during this busy time of year, consider tabling upcoming sales pitches for the moment. Here are five ways you can delight—but not annoy—clients this holiday season.

Stay top of mind without being annoying

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1. Throw a holiday bash at one of your listings. This serves double duty as a way to mingle with your sphere and a method of getting more foot traffic to a property you’re selling. Invite past clients and potential house hunters, and offer holiday treats and drinks to guests. You can put out your business cards, but because this is meant to be a festive event, keep your conversation topics light and away from business. If you want to use the opportunity to promote yourself as a real estate professional, consider attaching business cards to candy canes that guests can take with them. This is a subtle way to get your marketing content out the door.

2. Include something extra in your holiday cards. Whether you’re sending a physical card or an e-card, personalize your greeting with a line or two about your experience working with each individual customer. Then, include an extra touch, such as a unique hot chocolate recipe.

3. Dig your clients out of a tough situation. Consider hiring a snow removal company to clear a walking path at your clients’ houses so their properties remain safe in the wintertime. Have the snow removers leave a candy cane or special treat with a note wishing your clients a happy holiday. Surprises like this will remind clients why they chose you to handle their real estate transactions.

4. Create opportunities for clients to give back to the community. Help your clients partake in the holiday spirit of gratitude by organizing a toy drive or other charity. Many local organizations collect gifts, so partner with one to get started. You can email your clients to let them know what sort of donations are needed and times they can come by to drop off any items. Also, find out which clients would like to participate, and create a new email campaign list to update them on the progress of the charity event. After the holidays, send an email update with pictures of the children receiving the gifts so clients see the impact they made.

5. Help clients track their holiday calendar. Since you may be facing a seasonal slowdown in your market, use your social media channels to post about local events rather than new listings. This will help your clients keep track of holiday activities they want to join. You can also mention what seasonal events you’ll be attending so clients can make sure to say hello while they’re there.