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2018 Tech: The Year You Cut Through the Noise

December 28, 2018

Data breaches, wire fraud, and email scams posed formidable threats to the real estate industry this year, and it became even clearer that you need to take measures to protect your personal data and that of your customers. But aside from cybersecurity, we focused our technology coverage in 2018 on helping you get back to basics and make better use of the digital tools you have at your disposal. Before 2019 begins, take a minute to skim through our five most popular technology stories this year and assess how industry disruption continues to affect real estate.

Social media

1. 4 Mistakes Real Estate Pros Make on Social Media
Your social channels are important platforms for promoting yourself as a real estate professional, giving your brand consistency, and engaging with clients beyond sharing listing photos. But you must be cautious about what you share with the social media world. The types of conversations you start and whether you maintain a presence online can affect your clients relationships.

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2. How Technology Influences Your Commission
Tech-savvy consumers have come to see your use of technology in a real estate transaction as an added value that differentiates you in your market. So embracing new tech tools can give you a competitive edge, and it helps justify to your clients why you’re worth the commission.

Marketing automation

3. Automate Your Marketing Without Turning Into a Robot
If you're short on time and find yourself scrambling to send follow-up emails or tweeting in a hurry as you run out of the office, it might be time to consider automating your marketing. Remember, automation tools are meant to be an extension of you—not a replacement. Still unsure whether you should entrust technology with your marketing campaigns? These insights may be useful.

Tech attack

4. The Aftermath of a Tech Attack
As scams targeting real estate transactions exploded this year, a handful of pros shared their cautionary tales of personally being hacked and the fallout for their business. These practitioners had to learn cybersecurity lessons the hard way and say the damage they suffered wasn’t merely financial. The most painful aspect was the devastation to their peace of mind.

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5. How New Agents Build an Online Brand
It can be daunting to decide how to showcase your brand as a new agent, even before you make your first sale. But it’s not impossible. Newbies must show potential clients why it’s a worthwhile investment to do business together. Define your individual value proposition from the start so you can stand out from the crowd.