9 Reasons Customers Will Work With You in 2019

December 31, 2018

There’s a quote from Simon Sinek, author of the book, Start with Why, that resonates with Shep Hyken: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” The quote, he says, makes him think of the reasons clients choose to work with certain individuals and companies.

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As a customer service expert, speaker, and business author, Hyken has put together a short list of some of these “whys” homebuyers and sellers will choose to work with you in the coming year.

Customer service: They love the way you treat them. You’re friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. They know you’re there to take care of them, and in turn, they’ll take care of you—by doing business with you.

Convenience: Who doesn’t want an easy and frictionless experience? And people are often happy to pay for an experience that’s convenient. When you show your value, you justify your commission.

Culture: You’re part of an organization or team you want to be affiliated with, and your values are congruent with your client’s values.

Cause: You believe in what they believe in. At some level, this ties into culture and values, Hyken says, but this is more about giving back and community involvement. It can be a charity or any other cause that is important to you.

Trust: You do what you say, every time. This is how you build trust with your clientele. If customers don’t trust an individual or their company, they wouldn’t be doing business with them anymore.

Reputation: They’ve heard good things about you or your brokerage. Maybe it’s comments from friends or colleagues at work. Or, maybe there are plenty of reviews that can confirm that you’re a good agent. Reputation is a big part of the decision.

Consistency: This ties in with trust and reputation. Outside of lying, if there is something that erodes trust quicker than anything, it’s a lack of consistency. You want customers to use the word “always” to describe their experience with you, Hyken says. “They are always friendly, knowledgeable, helpful…”

Your Way: The way you do business, whether it be your process, policies, availability, or area of expertise. These are very tangible reasons that get a customer in the door, but many of the other reasons on the list are why customers choose to come back, he says.

Their Why: When you figure out a customer’s “why” and can scale it to meet the reasons and needs of a larger clientele, you connect on another level that brings customers back, again and again, Hyken says.

Shep Hyken, www.hyken.com