What’s Topping the Wish Lists of Luxury Buyers in 2019

February 7, 2019

Luxury home shoppers can have high expectations for what they want in a home. “The higher the price point, the more features buyers expect and that desire intensifies,” says Alec Traub, a real estate professional with Redfin in Los Angeles.

Luxury home shopper wish list

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Many of these high-end homes share some traits. Redfin recently highlighted some of the top amenities it's noticing on more luxury shoppers’ wish lists, including:

Greater privacy: Buyers purchasing a high-end home expect not to be able to look outside and see their neighbors. They’re showing a desire for gates, walls, and hedges for added privacy.

Smaller pools: A large, deep pool that takes up the entire backyard is not high on many buyers’ lists. Instead, Traub says his clients are looking for smaller plunge pools that are almost like “glorified Jacuzzis.” “While houses have been built bigger and take up more space on the lot, the pool is still something people still want and expect—just less of it,” he says.

Two of everything: Traub also has been noticing a doubling up of appliances. “It’s no longer one stove and one oven; now it’s two stoves, two ovens, two dishwashers, two sets of washers and dryers—and all upscale, designer brands,” he notes. “Luxury means never waiting or having dirty clothes or dishes.”

Guest suites: Having a comfortable place for guests is also increasingly important, Traub says. Guest suites don’t have to be detached from the house, either. A bedroom with an en suite bathroom that can be used for a live-in nanny or maid or for friends or family who visit is important, Traub says. “My clients want that extra space, as well as rooms that can be a home office, as well as a gym or workout room,” he notes.

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