5 Ways to Make Clients Feel Special on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a time to express your love for family and friends. But why not spread the love to your clients, too? Take this holiday as an opportunity to thank them for being your customers, according to trainer and customer service expert Shep Hyken.

While flowers are appropriate for your spouse, expressing your appreciation can be achieved in many other ways. “It can be something as simple as a thank-you note or as elaborate as a customer appreciation event,” Hyken says. “And you don’t have to send it on Valentine’s Day. Any day is a good day to show some customer love.”

Here are five ideas from Hyken for showing your clients you care:

  1. A hand-written note is a powerful message that says you took the time to say hello in a meaningful way. But don’t let the moment pass if you’re short on time—a text message or email will suffice.
  2. Since you have your phone out to send that Valentine’s Day “thank you” text, why not step up your game and send a short, personalized thank-you video from your phone instead? “I actually think this is almost as strong a hand-written note,” Hyken says. “The key is that it must be personalized.”
  3. Show your gratitude by putting your money where your mouth is. Make a charitable donation in the name of your clients to an organization that’s meaningful to them or their community.
  4. Can’t think of an appropriate gift? Hyken suggests a book. Books can be personal, memorable, and affordable gifts that let people know you care. Consider titles related to their hobbies, profession, or favorite authors. Or find a book about the area where they recently purchased their home.
  5. While a customer appreciation event can be fun, it can get expensive. It also might not be realistic if you have a database that’s spread out or includes a lot of international clients. Hyken offers an alternative: a Facebook Live customer appreciation event. Plan a few things to say or do that demonstrate your love for your clients. “This could be a fun way of expressing appreciation, and at the same time, the rest of the world gets to see how much you love your customers,” he says.