Study: Don’t Fear More AI Tech in Real Estate

March 12, 2019

Artificial intelligence–driven technology that relies on data and automation can help make certain aspects of your job easier, and consumers say they’d like to see more of it in a real estate transaction. But you don’t have to fear these AI technologies replacing you, according to results from a new consumer survey from Clever Real Estate. Clever Real Estate surveyed about 1,000 Americans who plan to sell their home within 12 months.

About half of U.S. home sellers surveyed said they would consider using an AI platform to seek out potential buyers or solicit offers, according to the survey.

AI-driven technologies that rely on data and automation to identify qualified buyers and even conduct some showings or execute real estate transactions appear to pose a threat to certain aspects of a real estate pro’s job.

“What is clear is that interest among consumers is growing, meaning that these technologies will continue to emerge and improve—and real estate professionals will need to adapt,” according to the study.

While consumers are showing a greater interest in AI real estate technologies, they still don’t have full confidence or reliance on them to completely guide a real estate transaction. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they do not believe AI technology is capable of outperforming a traditional real estate agent, according to the report.

The Role of the Real Estate Agent in 2019—and Beyond,” Clever Real Estate (Feb. 26, 2019)