NAR Tool Helps Alert Pros to Imminent Safety Threats

April 15, 2019

NAR safety alert image

With a third of real estate professionals reporting that they’ve encountered safety threats in the field, according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ most recent Member Safety Report, NAR has made it easier for members to alert each other of dangerous incidents. The REALTOR® Safety Network, which NAR launched last month, enables individual REALTORS® or associations to submit incident reports online. In some cases, NAR may use the network to determine if a national alert should be issued to all its members or if an incident report should be shared with a local REALTOR® association. NAR will issue alerts on social media using the hashtag #RealtorSafetyNetwork when a threat warrants national attention.

Alerts will be issued in situations when a REALTOR® or a REALTOR®’s immediate family member goes missing, an association name is being used fraudulently to dupe consumers, or a physical threat to REALTORS® is deemed to warrant national attention. The goal of the REALTOR® Safety Network, aside from keeping practitioners informed of threats in their area, is to educate members about common dangers in the field, including meeting unfamiliar clients and selling vacant properties.

The REALTORS® Safety Network “was created to enable the National Association of REALTORS® to gather information about potential safety issues, share the information with the local and state association, and, when appropriate, issue alerts to members and AEs via social media,” according to NAR.