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4 in 5 Landlords Say the Money Is Worth the Stress

April 24, 2019

Working with tenants is stressful, landlords agree. Eighty-eight percent of landlords recently surveyed say they have experienced some stress renting out their properties, yet 80 percent say the money from being a landlord is worth the stress, according to a new survey from, a home remodeling website.

Nearly 49 percent of landlords say they’ve had a tenant ask to break a lease early; 45 percent have had to evict a tenant; and about 41 percent have had a tenant who suddenly stopped paying rent, according to the survey. surveyed 563 renters and 532 landlords nationwide to learn more about the renter-landlord relationship, from repairs and responsibilities to working with tenants.

“Chasing after people’s rents, having units returned to you in a dire state, tenants who refuse to respond to calls and emails … there is no end to the list of hair-tearing stressors that landlords regularly face, not to mention a ton of hoops to jump through before they can even set up shop,” the study’s authors note. landlords chart. Visit source link at the end of the article for more information.


Are landlords doing enough to pick the best tenants? Twenty-seven percent of landlords say they never or rarely do criminal background checks. Nearly 18 percent say they never or rarely do credit checks.

“Credit reports are a great vetting tool for companies,” the report notes. Landlords are less likely to do a criminal check than a credit check, but a criminal check “can help reduce their liability and ensure community safety.” landlords chart. Visit source link at the end of the article for more information.