Everything to Know About Listings With Gun Rooms

April 30, 2019

Homes for sale featuring gun rooms—a place to showcase and store firearms—can leave real estate professionals with a lot of questions over disclosure, marketing, and safety, regardless of personal views over gun ownership. While gun rooms are a niche amenity, they’re not uncommon. Realtor.com® researchers found there are more than 400 homes currently listed for sale that feature a gun room.

“The popularity [of a gun room] varies by location,” Amanda Graham, a real estate professional with Sotheby’s International Realty, told realtor.com®. “For instance, home buyers in New York [City] most likely would not see this as desirable, versus a home buyer in Idaho.”

Regardless, Graham suggests including the gun room in the listing since potential buyers will see it if they do eventually tour the home. “This could end up being a desirable feature,” she says.

Teris Pantazes, co-founder of the home preparation service Settle Rite, says he would advertise the room as “a secure storage room for valuables” or “gun/safety room” to widen its appeal.

There are important safety issues to consider with a gun room. Real estate pros will want to explore a gun room prior to a showing to check out its safety features. Many are constructed in a vault or basement and have a fortified door and heavy-duty locks. Some gun room doors include a deadbolt that locks with a key from the outside but can also be turned on the inside. That way no one accidentally gets trapped inside, Jordan Barkin, a real estate professional with Harry Norman, REALTORS®, in Atlanta, told realtor.com®. Some owners will also install LED bulbs and a switch inside and outside the vault so no one gets stuck in the dark.

Real estate pros say that when they’re listing a home with a gun room, they first make a point to highlight the room’s safety features. Also, many will request all firearms to be removed from the home prior to an open house.

“I highly recommend removing all guns from the premise and storing them off-site,” Pantazes says. “Even if there’s a locked area [in your home] that is part of your amenity list, I would recommend clearing it of weapons and ammunition and leaving in an unlocked position so any potential buyers might be able to look inside and visualize their own firearms.”