Airbnb Guests Raise Concerns About Surveillance

June 10, 2019

Airbnb guests are showing concern about being under surveillance, with 11% saying they’ve discovered a hidden camera in a property they rented and 58% saying they’re worried about being spied on, according to a survey from IPX1031, a service provider of exchange transactions nationwide.

About a quarter of respondents say they don’t have a problem with cameras inside common areas such as living rooms or kitchens, according to the survey.

The use of surveillance cameras on properties has become a bigger issue in the housing market. Many real estate professionals are warning clients to be careful what they say during private showings because their words may be recorded by the home’s video or audio security systems. The same concerns apply to short-term rentals. Though the majority of Airbnb guests say they trust their hosts, there are some obvious exceptions. For example, 52% of respondents say they’re worried that the host has unlimited access to the property and their belongings. Forty-two percent say they researched their host online before renting, and about half say they are less likely to rent if the host has a strict cancellation policy.

Further, a quarter of respondents say they prefer their host to be the same gender as them. A majority of those respondents are female (66%), and most of them say they feel safer when the host is the same gender.

Despite some questions about the host, most short-term rental guests say they do not feel it necessary to meet their host in person. A majority would rather communicate virtually or over the phone and be able to access the property through a lockbox or keypad.

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