Your Website’s Color Can Affect Its Traffic

June 10, 2019

Color can greatly influence people's perception of not only physical spaces but those online, too. How one feels about certain colors is largely subjective, but there are some universal themes that researchers have recognized. “With the rise of the internet and the shift to online marketing and e-commerce, this reach has expanded to include web design,” notes, a professional website design service.

The color of your website—which is a critical component of your business presence online—should match the colors you use in your brand logo and any other visual identifiers. Also, use primary colors for call-to-action buttons so they are easily findable, recommends. The visibility of a call-to-action button can affect conversion rates, studies show. Further, the use of too many colors on your site can be distracting. Try to use no more than three.

Color may even help with lead conversions and engagement on your website. provided this infographic to show how the colors you choose on your website may be affecting visitors.

website color psychology. Visit source link at the end of this article for more information.