2 Popular Home Features Buyers Surprisingly May Regret

June 12, 2019

While some home features have the kind of buzz that makes home shoppers think they must be part of their next home, living with them may actually cause ongoing regret, according to a new article at realtor.com®.

One of those highly desired items: an open floor plan. An open layout may actually end up a nuisance as noise and privacy become issues, but that doesn’t stop it from holding a top spot on many buyers’ wish lists.

“Sounds are multiplied in an open floor plan; they don’t offer sound protection,” says Laura Mineff, an interior designer in Cleveland. “You’ll need rugs and window panels to help absorb the sound, as well as tall dimensional artwork and plants to help fill in the space. Creating a warm, cozy atmosphere in a vast, open living space can be costly.”

Open floor plans also lack privacy—those who live in them may find it difficult to carve out a space of their own.

Another highly desired home feature that many buyers end up regretting, according to realtor.com®, is hardwood flooring. There are some rooms in the home that weren’t meant to have hardwood, Daniel Meyer, co-founder and CEO of Pocketdoor, a home renovation company based in San Francisco, told realtor.com®. Two prime areas that aren’t hardwood-friendly are kitchens and bathrooms.

“Many finishes look great but cannot handle everyday life for buyers, especially those with young children,” Meyer says. “In the best-case scenario, they catch the issue and refinish the floors before spills or water become stains that become permanent. In other cases, people are investing in new flooring.”

Still, the nuisance of keeping it spotless doesn’t stop hardwood flooring from a high rank on most home buyers’ home shopping list.

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